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Who are you? Who are you presenting when you go out, when the sun goes down?

Nite: The Painted Face is an ongoing photographic documentary of the faces of San Francisco night culture. Begun at the start of the year 2000, photographer Marcy Mendelson has been infiltrating the clubs, parties and art events capturing the faces and crowds with her camera. From Glam to Goth, Rave to France circa '68, Gallery Parties and Fire Events, people have shown their very best for the camera and their friends.

Exhibited here are just some of the finest from the multitudes of images so far. Welcome to the faces of San Francisco after the sun has setů

Thanks to all the fabulous people in these photographs and for the promoters and creative community of the Bay Area for keeping the SF NightCulture alive!

Stay tuned to this site for monthly updates and fresh faces***

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